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Sometimes all it takes is one inspired action to change the game. ZURII was born in one of those exact moments.
The Moment…
I was ready, credit card in hand. All set to purchase a new leather handbag and willing to spend decent money for quality. But for the love of Oprah I couldn’t find anything that meet my criteria. Just six simple things.
My bag had to be luxurious, well made, versatile enough for work and play and ethically produced. But it couldn’t cost the earth. While I love nice things, I’d rather spend three zeros on a holiday than a handbag!
The brand also had to give back in some way.
Sounds easy right?...
WRONG. I couldn’t find one bag that offered everything.
It seems luxury brands don’t value transparent supply chains. And, those that pass the social and ethical test, fail on luxe look and feel.
In that moment, ZURII was born.
A New Alternative…
I knew if was looking for a handbag that was high-end, beautiful, affordable and socially responsible, other women were too.
ZURII is designed for stylist, smart, real women who love a bit of luxury, value quality and look at the world a little differently. Women who don’t want to carry the same bag as everyone else. Who live just outside the square and like the idea that their fashion choices having a dual purpose – style and social impact.

 Why Choose ZURII?

ZURII means beautiful in Swahili. It stands for the look, feel and quality of our pieces and the impact they make in the world each time you buy one.
Each ZURII collection is built on the understanding that good things take time – wine, food, careers, and leather goods.

Our pieces are designed in Australia and handcrafted in a gorgeous little, high-end, family run atelier in Spain. A place where craftsmanship and attention to detail is valued over mass production. Every zip, stitch and strap is carefully placed and perfected with a labour of love. And we are in good company. Collections for many of the world’s most prestigious brands and luxury fashion houses are produced in this very same place.

And that’s part of the secret. Here you get the same quality and craftsmanship, at about a third of the price. You’re welcome!
Our Guarantee To You
Honesty and transparency matter when you’re shopping, especially online, so we like to make your experience easy. Rest assured knowing your ZURII piece comes with the promise of:

  • Exceptional craftsmanship
  • High quality materials
  • Ethical supply chain and production
  • A dedicated giving back program
  • Warranty and easy returns


Founder, ZURII

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