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Photo: Johannes Ode (THP) 

The world we live in is flawed, real, gritty and imperfectly perfect. So often our desire for beautiful and luxurious things conflicts with our overwhelming desire to give back.

The good news...ZURII pieces mean you don't have to choose. 

When you purchase a ZURII piece you help empower someone in need across the world. How? By giving them opportunity. The chance to start their own business, pay for their children to go to school or simply chase their dreams.

Our Fashion For Good initiative, in partnership with The Hunger Project, empower 50 women and men across Africa each year by providing them with access to micro-finance loans and financial literacy training.

These small loans make a massive difference. A micro-finance loan can be the first step to financial independence and a safe future. Lorna's story below is just one great example.

Learn more about the power of micro-finance loans here. You can also learn more about The Hunger Project and the great work they do here.

Remember, your ZURII purchase directly helps someone else build their future. 



Can $80 really change your life?

Absolutely... Meet Lorna. She is a strong, brave, successful business owner. But this wasn’t always her story.

Living with HIV in rural Uganda, she had no income and little opportunity. But a microfinance loan – of just $80 – changed everything.

Lorna paid her son’s school fees and purchased a goat with her loan. She then sold the goat’s milk to generate income for her family.

One goat soon turned into a small business. She now owns several animals and a plot of land she rents to women growing their own food. Today Lorna can support her family and is empowering other women in her village. Access to a microfinance loan changed her life.

Your purchase is helping change the lives of real women just like Lorna.



The Hunger Project is an international non-profit doing brilliant work empowering women and men in developing countries. 

The organisation’s programs throughout Africa, South Asia and Latin America work to break the cycle of poverty through an innovative, holistic approach, which empowers women and men living in rural villages to become the agents of their own development and make sustainable progress in overcoming hunger and poverty. Learn more about The Hunger Project here.

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