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Tomorrow I will be partying like it’s 1999. The occasion – I’m throwing a joint 40th Birthday Party with my husband. 

Two years ago that number terrified me. The thought of turning 40 made me feel one thing. OLD. And I hated it. It felt like middle age. Like all the best bits of my life were in the past. I was dreading it. 

And then…my little sister got breast cancer. Reality check!

Watching her fight through the fear, the chemo sickness and the terror quickly made me realise birthdays are a privilege. They mean we are alive. They mean we get to enjoy good wine, kiss the people we love, travel to the places we haven't been yet and keep chasing our dreams. Now I relish the new number each birthday brings. 

Each year around my birthday I now have an annual breast check up. Mammogram, ultrasound, the whole shebang.

The reason I’m sharing this part of my personal life today (and the dead sexy picture of me in gown in a hospital bathroom) is to encourage you to do the same. My sister is thriving today because she self checked. She caught her cancer early and got straight onto it. I know it can be inconvenient and a bloody scary (come on, we all have the same fear, that we’ll actually find something) But SELF CHECKING can save your life.

Just do it! 

If someone had asked me two years ago what I wanted for my 40th birthday, I would have answered straight away. “My sister well, back to her normal. hilarious self, dancing with me all night.” A genie has granted my wish and I feel like the luckiest birthday girl around. 

Have a great weekend ladies (and check your boobs tonight!) 

xx Patrice


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