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I love airports. They always make me feel like I’m starting an adventure. As I sit and wait for my flight to be called, I imagine all the places I could be going. New York, Borneo or a tropical island in the Caribbean.
Reality check…it's rarely anywhere as exciting as this…but I still love the game of pretend.
The other thing I love about airports is you often end up with snippets of spare time to think, and procrastinate.
Today as I write this blog, this is exactly where I find myself. Sitting in the departures lounge staring our across the tarmac as I wait for my fog delayed flight to be called.
After day dreaming myself to a European summer holiday (much more exciting than my real 48 hr business trip to Sydney), I checked the news. Confession time…my name is Patrice and I am a news addict.
The addiction stems from my early years as a journalist watching the AAP news feed constantly run down the right hand side of my computer screen. It created a love for news I will never lose. Today about an hour is the longest I can last without checking a news website. Tragic, I know!
The problem with this addiction is it rarely gives me satisfaction these days. Every news site is filled with rubbish. This mornings highlights includ an AFL sex scandal, which isn't really a scandal at all. It’s basically a story about an organisation acting like the moral police in the name of ‘protecting women’. I’d argue all they did was create national level embarrassment for the poor wives of the men involved.
Then there is the story of the disgruntled PA from Channel 7 and their successful bid to essentially bankrupt her. Follow this up with a ‘quality’ story about Kim Kardashian (and we all know how much I love her!) proving that it was in fact a marble bench top behind her in a selfie, and not lines of cocaine.
SHOT ME NOW! Who cares…no #zuriiwoman that’s for sure.
This little airport induced dance with today’s poor quality news has made me even more determined to give us all an alternative through Zurii Woman.
I created this digital magazine a few months ago so women like you and I can feed/relax our brains with interesting, valuable, empowering stories, instead of c**p.
So today I’m asking YOU for your feedback. Tell me what you want. What you really, really want (go on…read that line again and sing it this time).
What type of articles do you want to read? Which topics inspire you? Are there any amazing women you want to read a profile on?
Tell me what you want (what you really, really want) and I will fill Zurii Woman with it.
It’s a magazine for women like you and I, so have your say in shaping Issue 2 and beyond. Help me create the magazine we all want to read.
Share your thoughts in the comments below, or email me directly on
I’m really excited to hear your wish list.


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