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I’m hanging up my super hero cape. It kills me to say it – because I LOVE thinking I’ve got a little Wonder Woman going on – but I realised yesterday the cape is strangling me.
In my mind I am a busy action hero. But in reality I am too busy trying to do everything and be everyone to be efficient. I’m just spinning my wheels and creating chaos.
Honest question…does anyone else wear being busy as a secret badge of honour? I hear you. It makes us feel important, successful and valuable…right?
But I realised – yesterday after three failed attempts to get out of the house on time – that I’m operating in a state much closer to car crash TV than a scene from the new Wonder Woman movie.
As strong, successful women, why do we do this?
I’m so busy being busy that I’ve forgotten to be efficient and effective.
Hilarious case in point. If you’re up for a laugh, take a look at how my morning panned out. Is this the routine of a kick a**se woman I ask you?

  • Plan set the night before to leave the house at 8am for 9am conference start. Good plan.
  • Sleep through my alarm. Wake up at 7.45am. Shit!
  • Managed to get dressed, ready and out the door by 8.33am. Not bad I think….until I realise I've left my make up inside (doing it in the car at the traffic lights will shave 5-10 minutes off the morning timeframe)
  • Run back inside to get make up.
  • Get back in the car and drive 5 minutes up the road. Shit again! I’ve left my jacket at home. Conference room will be cold. Back home I go.
  • Run inside to get jacaket. Run back to car.
  • Start the car. Attempt to make a phone call. Shit again! No phone. It must be on the bed.
  • Run back inside to get my phone. Collect phone and finally start driving.
  • Get green lights most of the way and pray for red so I can apply eye liner and mascara while stationary.

Seriously…this is not ok. If this sounds anything like your morning, we need to make a pact together. Let’s take off our capes and slow down.
A good friend once said that when a trait in someone else is really annoying you, it’s because it’s a mirror. It’s saying something about you, not them.
Recently I’ve been frustrated dealing with someone who is coming across as ‘too busy’. She sounds stressed when I speak to her, she has confessed to being flat out and from a work perspective I feel like my project is not a priority.
Yesterday’s debacle made me realise I am exactly the same. I was feeling frustrated with her because in the mirror I was seeing myself.
So that’s it, the cape is off. It know it’s easier said than done so I’ve set some rules that will hopefully make the transition easier. They include replying to text messages and emails within 24 hours (as opposed to replying in my head, rarely remembering to type the reply out, then bineg racked with guilt when I realise a week or two later) and making a list of priorities each day and working though them systematically. No more scatter gun.
If you are also feeling too busy to be effective, join me. Let’s make a conscious effort for the next week to slow down and see what we can achieve.


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