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Don’t you just hate those moments…you know…the ones that are not on your vision board! The ones that don't fit into the plan you’ve carefully crafted and mapped out. The ones you DID NOT manifest.

I had one of those moments a week ago. It was a stark realisation that if I didn't jump on a plane in the next 24 hours, we would not be launching a new collection this year. Cue some swearing, and high-level annoyance at my vision board for not delivering.
You see…I was sure I'd covered all of the bases. I'd worked my butt off and planned everything to ensure this collection would arrive on time in all of its beautiful glory. But it seems the universe had other plans.
So here I am writing this blog from Spain as I supervise the final touches on every piece.
And guess what…while it wasn’t in my plan (or my budget!!)…this is exactly where I needed to be. I just didn't know it.
The reason I’m sharing this peek behind the curtain is two fold. First, I always want Zurii to stand for honesty. For this to be a place where women can not only find beautiful things, but feel safe being themselves. It’s about being part of a tribe filled with women who are real and honest about their hopes, dreams and fears, starting with me.
Secondly, this experience has been a brilliant reminder that sometimes in life, we’ve just got to roll with the punches and appreciate that what feels like a punch in the face may actually be a little gift wrapped up in some ugly paper. As a control freak, I struggled to see this as I forked the cash for that last minute, overpriced flight!
Now I’m here, I can’t image how things would have turned out had I not jumped on that plane. From changing the lining inside the our hero piece – the overnight/weekender bag – because I just didn't love it, to tweaking the size of the logo on the clutch. Then there is the new piece I’ve added to the collection after seeing how gorgeous, soft and chic our everyday handbag looks. We’ll soon have a tribute to it in a much larger size, perfect for carrying your laptop and the kitchen sink on the plane.
So as I sign off from Spain, remember this next time you get punched in the face..
Turning your dreams into reality takes bloody hard work and a willingness to adapt when the game changes. If it was a simple as placing an image or a quote on a vision board, we’d all be sipping cocktails on the French Riviera, right! Be prepared to do whatever it takes.


Here I am (on the last trip in winter) testing some of the beautiful leather you will see in the new collection.

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