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Don't you love it when good news catches you by surprise? Lisa Wilkinson…I’m looking at you!
After a week filled with infuriating news about the treatment of women (yes…Harvey Weinstein… that’s you), I found myself clapping last night as I read the headline: “Shock as Wilkinson quits Today and Nine, effective immediately”.
Why was I clapping? Because I love Lisa Wilkinson. She is an incredible talent, a great journalist and someone I admire for her willingness to speak up on issues that matter to her.
And it seems equal pay is one of those issues.
If the reports are true, Lisa walked away from contact negotiations because Nine wouldn’t offer her pay parity with her co-host. Yes, that’s right. It’s 2017 and she was expected to turn up to work each day, do the same job as the guy sitting next to her, for half the pay. Seriously. You go girl!
I don't know about you, but I’ve wondered over the past few days (post Weinstein) if the challenge just too big. Will equality ever really be achieved when gender bias, and sexism, is so engrained? I’ve been wondering if we can really create long-term change.
And then Lisa led by example. How do we create change? We start with ourselves. We stand up for ourselves. We make choices that work for us, align with our moral/ethical compass and we don't compromise. We respect ourselves first. We can't change the wider world in one moment, but we can change our world. It’s the best place to start.
So today, I encourage you to stop and assess your life. Take a leaf out of Lisa’s book. Pretend it’s time to re-new your own contract, and ask yourself a few questions:
  • Am I really happy?
  • Am I being paid what I’m worth?
  • Are the sacrifices I’m making worth the rewards?
  • What would make me happy? 
And the big one…
  • What would I do if you wasn’t afraid?

I’ve just done this little exercise and it was a great kick up the a**e. I’m honest enough to say it made me realise I spend all day talking about being a #zuriiwoman (code for fierce…bold…and brave) but I holding back on several fronts because I’m scared of failing.
So that’s it ladies…let’s get our Lisa on and take charge of own destiny. Thanks for the inspiration Lisa Wilkinson.



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