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Last week I almost gave my dream away. There were tears. Red swollen eyes and some very (very) big statements.
Good news. It was a short moment in time. But it got me thinking. How often do we walk away when we are so close to success, the end or realising our dreams?
And more importantly, each of us needs to know what gets us through those moments. For me it’s music or a quote. Right now it’s a line from my current favourite song.
What is it for you?
I’m the first to admit that I love a motivational quote. So much so I almost tattooed the afore mentioned lyrics on my wrist a few months ago (I know, I know!). Thankfully…I realised the words ‘current favourite’ and the fact I would be aligning myself with Coldplay forever meant it wasn’t my best idea.
Despite them not making a great tattoo, these words have been my constant companion during the journey to bring our new collection to life.
The song itself has been following me around for months. It seems to play every time I need a boost or question my sanity and resolve to make this big change happen. In the car, the supermarket, at the gym (just kidding…I only think about going to the gym, I never actually get there.) Every time I doubt myself or my vision for Zurii, there words seem to play.
“We do you want to go? How much do you want to risk?”
These two sentences have the ability to change my mindset. Every time I hear them obstacles turn in challenges I can get around and my fear of failure eases. All because I remember why I’m doing this and what I’m prepared to risk for it. Because I believe in it.
Thanks goes out to The Chain Smokers and Coldplay.
I’m sharing this with you today because I think the conversation about finding your ‘thing’ – a song, a quote, an image, whatever it is – is such a simple yet powerful life hack.
In several weeks our new collection will launch and be available online, just in time for Christmas. And two simple sentences played a big part in it coming to life.
What secret life hack calms and re-focuses you? Share it in the comments below. Let’s share tips across the Tribe.


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