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Is it just us…or does it feel like every second person is on holidays in Europe right now? Our social media feeds have been filled with friends tagging themselves in London, Paris and the Greek Island for weeks now. Argh!
This got us thinking. If you could go anywhere in the world right now where would you go? What’s at the top of your travel bucket list?
We know every #zuriiwoman has a passion for travel. It sets our soul on fire. So here is our travel bucket list – as complied by the team at Zurii HQ – our six top destinations if we could jump on a plane tomorrow.

New York is the fashion lovers dream come true. It’s edgy, exciting and bursting with possibilities. Add to that the people, the food, the culture and the atmosphere. From the Empire State Building, to the vintage fashion in Brooklyn, to Central Park. There’s nothing quite like the big apple and as Alicia Keys says, it’s ‘where dreams are made of’.



It’s eco-tourism at its best. Snorkel in the Tunku Abdul Rahmam national park and check out Manukan Island, for an experience you won't foget. Delve into the magical rainforests and volunteer at an orang-utan sanctuary! Not only are you ticking something off your bucket list but you’re making an impact – now that’s an opportunity we can’t say no to. 


  1. CUBA

Home of the mojito…need we say more! But with Cuba there is ALWAYS more. The country’s isolation from US influence for almost 60 years ensured you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. From the 1950s style cars, to the lack of marketing and branding on products. The Cuban culture is strong and vibrant and will delight you at every turn. Sip mojito’s in the sun and stroll through the streets lined with crumbling facades. And then there’s the people…so friendly you’ll feel like you’re in a home away from home.


  1. PARIS

It’s sexy, it’s gorgeous and it’s a must do for every romantic at heart! There’s nowhere quite like the dreamy streets of Paris. From climbing to the top of the Eiffel tower, sipping coffee and wine drinking in the one of many gorgeous bars or losing hours in the Louvre, we can't get enough of Paris. Just basking in the beauty, the buildings, the accents and the food. It feels like a travel match made in heaven to us!



It’s an adventurers’ paradise. Wild, fun and full of surprises. Dive into the unknown in Columbia and indulge your innner adrenaline junky! Hike through the national parks like Tayrona – home to bio diverse rainforests and the Pueblito ruins. Scuba dive off the Rosario Islands about a 100km off the coast of Columbia where national parks are located to protect the beautiful coral reefs and check out the Walled City of Cartagena!



Picture, crystal clear water and white sandy beaches. If you are in need of some much deserved me-time you should add Belize to the top of the list. With Central America on one side and the beautiful Caribbean Sea on the other this dreamy place is the ultimate off the grid getaway. Not only that, after Australia, Belize has the 2nd largest reef in the world! Perfect for unplugging from reality and getting lost.
Plus, our top 3 travel essentials to make life easier…
  1. Camera – what good is a holiday if you can't brag about the brilliant places you’ve visited (just kidding…sort if!).
  2. Travel bag – pick a bag that is secure and durable, and has plenty of pockets to keep/hide your precious possessions like passport, wallet and phone! We recommend the Susie, Charlie and Avery bags as the perfect travel companion.
  3. Good shoes – the key is comfort here but don’t forget style. Choose a pair of shoes that will take you from day to night but will keep your feet feeling happy all holiday long!
Let us know how our top 6 rank for you in the comments section below…and tell us want’s at the top of your travel bucket list.


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