It's what's inside that counts - new handbag lining revealed


The courage to be brave and bold. The courage to stand your ground, follow your dreams and take the road less travelled. The courage to feel the fear and do it anyway.

Our latest collection is inspired by every one of these moments.

Bringing The Courage Collection to life has taken all the courage I could find – hence the name. Behind the scenes it has meant a big change in direction for our brand, my focus and a whole load of other exciting and scary stuff. I hope you love it!

One of my favourite surprises is the new lining you will find inside many of our signature handbags. For a while now I’ve wanted to create a way that helps women like you and I feel connected with the impact we are making by choosing a Zurii piece. That feeling of knowing your handbag looks great, and is helping improve the life of another human being in the process

Every time I think about the incredible women who rock a Zurii piece in their daily life, the talented artisans who handcraft our products, or the the disadvantaged women we help empower through The Hunger Project, a flood of words come to mind. Words like strong, bold, brave, inspiring, fierce and determined. These traits represent every Zurii woman.

These words, along with the reminder I’ve Made an Impact, now line many of our handbags. Each time you open your bag, I want to feel amazing knowing these words represent you and the women your purchase is helping empower. Thank you for helping us make a difference.

Cue the champagne and happy tears!



PS. Let me know what you think of the lining. If you love it, great. If you hate it, also great (well sort of) because feedback is the best way to make positive change. I'd love to hear from you.

Now get out there and be bold and brave today ladies. Let the courage be with you.





Patrice Gibbons
Patrice Gibbons


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