With a lot of love is the first answer! But seriously... many of you have asked how we create our jewellery using little more than recycled paper. 

Today we want to share that process with you. Most pieces in our collection are handcrafted by talented women artisans in Uganda, using a 4-step process with 100% recycled paper. This is how your pieces come to life.


Stage 1: Select & Cut The Paper 

 Our artisans browse local market for eye-catching paper, which often includes the pages of magazines, or manuals, like the one pictured above. Once selected, the paper is cut into a long, thin triangle shape. Each strip of paper creates one unique bead. No two beads are ever the same as each piece of paper is unique. 

Stage 2: Rolling The Beads

Once the paper is cut, the rolling begins. Rolling is an art form that takes many hours to perfect. The women are careful to keep the roll tight and even, only leaving a space the size of a needle or a blade of grass for the line that will be threaded through in the next stage. 

Stage 3: Lacquering & Drying

Once the beads are threaded onto a length of cord or line, they are coated with a lacquer to strengthen and protect them. The lacquer provides a shiny, durable finish (and also protects them from water and perspiration). The necklace, bangle or earring is then hung up to dry.

Stage 4: Ready To Wear

After several days of drying your unique, handcrafted jewellery is now ready to wear. Pretty amazing isn't it!

Patrice Gibbons
Patrice Gibbons


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