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The struggle is real! Finding a bag that can move easily from day to night is tough.
There are definitely not enough hours in a day to switch between bags according to your schedule – work, social events, running errands or catching up with girls. You also need the right look for each occasion. After all, you can’t rock up at work holding a glam purse in preparation for Friday night drinks, while balancing your laptop and coffee in your free hand. You need one bag that can do it all.
According to Forbes, women between 18-25 will own an average of 13 handbags*. Add a few years on... and raise your hand if you’re now guilty of exceeding the average!
Despite our abundance of choice, many of us still revert to using one (favourite) bag for all occasions. It’s about convenience. But carrying the wrong bag in the wrong setting can throw off your entire look. The key is to choose a piece that works in multiple setting and compliments the bulk of your wardrobe.
To help you make the perfect choice, here are four pieces that can move seamlessly from day to night – and a little wardrobe inspiration to show you how.
The Susie

This piece is the ultimate go-to bag for those who love dedicated space to store things. Designed with a thick strap for comfort and internal and external pockets, this bag wins the award for functionality and gorgeous details. Pair it with linen for a stylish outfit during the day. Amp up the look at night by adding a sexy pair of heels. ‘Susie’ moves effortlessly from day to night with you.
The Kate

The Kate bag is a favourite for the lover of sophisticated carry-wear. The gorgeous croc print panelling on the front gives this piece a luxe look and feel. By day it says effortlessly chic. By night it’s simply stunning. Add a statement pair of earrings and some heels to move from day to night and let this bag do the rest.

The Sybella

This oversized wallet is designed for the day to night switch. Leave in it in your handbag during the day, then take it out alone at night where it doubles as a wallet and clutch in one. The generous sizing ensures all of your essentials are on hand when you need them – cards, coins, cash and phone. The minimalist design and external zipper detail give a stylish and edgy feel. The Sybella will bring your outfit from day to night without clutter.

The Zarlie

The Zarlie Clutch is the ultimate day to night piece for your weekend. It’s the perfect size with a classy, chic appearance. It’s also quite the transformer. Clip on the shoulder strap to turn the clutch into a bag, or attach the wristlet to create a ‘hands-free’ carrying option. Great for the farmers market, lunch with the girls or a little shopping. Heading out at night? No problem. Zarlie will bring an elegant touch to any evening outfit.  
The struggle to find the perfect bag for day and night is over. Shop the collection now and treat yourself to a bag that works for all occasions.



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