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Ask Better Questions?

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“Ask better questions”. It’s the single best piece of advice I’ve received this year.
And I want to share the logic behind the idea with you...because I’m sure it can help each of us.
A few weeks ago I was looking for new ways to help you, our Tribe, feel more connected to the impact your purchases make in real life. But every idea had a problem attached. “No, I can't fly everyone to Africa,” was one example of my internal monologue. Seriously!
As I was whinging about it all, a wise woman (she knows who she is) stopped me dead in my tracks.
“Ask better questions,” she said.
It’s that simple…
Turns out she was right.
Once I stopped focusing on what I couldn’t do, I started asking better questions. Questions like how can we feel more connected as a group by sharing our stories? How can we inspire each other to be the best version of ourselves?
The result…Zurii Woman is now weeks away from coming to life! This is our new digital magazine designed for everyday women like you and I. It’s a place for us to share stories, inspire each other and have a good laugh. Oh, plus there will be some fashion tips and advice as well.
So what if we all ask better questions?
I’m now throwing down the challenge to you. What problem or issue are you dealing that could benefit from a new perspective? What better questions could you be asking?
Go on try it…it really works.
Share your challenge in the comments section below. Getting it out there is the first step to getting it sorted.
Where can you be asking better questions?


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