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Photo: One For The Book - How to Roast Marshmallows with Nanny (and not get smoke in your eyes).


My gorgeous mum Kathy has been on my mind constantly over the past week. I blame the barrage of Mother’s Day advertising at every turn.
But it’s a good thing. Every ad and card has got me thinking. What would I do without my mum?
A few years ago I was forced to contemplate this exact question when mum was diagnosed with bowel cancer. I still remember the exact moment she told me. All of the air disappeared from the room. The vast open space I was standing in became a vacuum and I couldn’t draw air into my lungs.
Mother’s Day now reminds me how lucky we are, because we got to keep her.
I remember being hit with a sense of urgency at one point when she was sick. This need to capture all of the wisdom in her brain, just incase we couldn't call her in two years time to ask simple things like, ”How do I get pen marks off my jeans (she is the queen of stain removal)?”
I’ve always wondered if there is a point or an age at which you know most things and stop ringing your mother for advice? Not having kids, I always assumed it was once you had kids. That somehow the process of childbirth bestowed new wisdom upon you.
Then my sister had a baby. I watch and waited…and realised no, childbirth. doesn't do it.
In that moment I vowed to write a book containing all of the gems my mum has taught by sister, brother and I over the years. A book we could use if ever we needed her advice and also pass it down to my niece and nephews.
I started the book… then mum got better (hooray!!!)…and life got busy and the book stopped.
But Mother’s Day has got me thinking again. I need to write that book. Only this time I don't want it to just contain my story. I want to create a book that features the gems of wisdom so many of our mum’s have given us.
So here’s your chance. If your mum has given you a great piece of advice, passed a gem of knowledge on that makes life easier, or said something that has helped shape you, share it with me.
I'd love to hear your story and with your permission, possibly include it in the book.


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