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The power of the Huffington Post

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It’s been a week since The Huffington Post Australia shared the story of Kevine, one of our gorgeous artisans in Uganda. I am still smiling at the positive impact this story has had and the number of people who have been inspired.

For those who missed it, Kevine is a mum of four who was working six days a week in a quarry. Her job was to break up rocks with a hoe for 10 hours every day in 40 degree heat. Horrendous! But that’s Kevine’s old story. She wrote herself a new one. Kevine starting working with me just over a year ago to create many of the beaded necklaces and bangles you see in the Zurii collection. She took the opportunity that working with Zurii gave her, and opened her own business. She is now a shop owner selling food and supplies to her community. This woman is the definition of an entrepreneur. 

The response we've had to Kevine’s story has motivated me to get even busier and step up the pace. The plan has always been to grow the number of disadvantaged communities we are working with across the globe. The challenge is finding them. Unfortunately it’s not as simple as a Google search and a few phone calls. Usually it involves a flight, a backpack, a sense of adventure and a lot of conversations starting from scratch. Yes, it's a time consuming process!

So rather than trying to do it all myself (I am working on my control issues, I promise!) I’m reaching out and asking for your help. Do you know a group of women or men creating beautiful products but who don't have access to a marketplace to sell their goods? In your travels, have you come across communities who would benefit from a partnership with Zurii? It does't matter where in the world they are located. Let’s work together to empower more women like Kevine. Together we can make a bigger difference, faster!

So if you’ve got an idea, contacts or recommendations, please send them through to I’d love to hear from you.

 Check out our article in the Huffington Post Australia here.

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 Wearing beads and meeting Kevine (left) and Eugenie in Uganda.


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