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Three ways to wear a sarong this summer

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Oh the sarong, our most treasured summer accessory – so comfortable and easy, yet extremely fashionable – if you know how to wear it correctly that is!

We’ve put together three of our favourite ways to wear a sarong, to ensure your sarong fashion is chic and on point this summer.


1. The Halter Dress

This is one of our favourites. Perfect for stepping straight off the sand and into that seaside restaurant for lunch and cocktails.

Step 1: Wrap the sarong around your back, positioned just beneath your arms

Step 2: Grab the top corners of your sarong, holding one corner in each hand with your hands outstretched in front

Step 3: Bring the corners across the front of your body pulling them tight so they cross over your chest

Step 4: Now bring the remaining ends behind your neck and tie them in a knot – and you’re done!


2: The Sassy Skirt

 This flirty, fun sarong is our go-to casual summer style. Wear it at the pool, down to the markets or simply pottering around in your garden. Whatever the occasion, it looks good and is just so easy!

Step 1: Place the sarong around your waist, taking a top corner in each hand, position the opening over one hip

Step 2: Simply tie the corners in a knot, or double knot, at your waist and let the remaining material fall down over your hip, and that’s it We told you this one was easy!


3: The Bandeau Dress

This simple, yet elegant sarong style is so easy to wear and suits every shape and size. Wear it to the beach, for cocktails around the pool, or simply around the house on a hot summers day.


Step 1: Hold the sarong behind your back, positioned just beneath your arms.

 Step 2: Tie the corners tightly against your body in a knot.

 Step 3: Let the ends of your sarong fall down in front. Done, ready for the day’s of activities.


We hope you’ve learnt a few nifty tricks and are now ready to slip on your sandals and make the most of summer with a range of different looks in your sarong!


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