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A guide to travelling off the beaten track

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Imagine losing yourself amongst the drum beats of Africa, the spices of India or rummaging through a market in Marrakesh. While we all love a relaxing holiday sipping cocktails by the pool, life sometimes calls for a little more adventure.

Traveling in developing countries is always gives you that. The trip is always a thrill – you grow, learn, love and explore! The experience is always such a unique one.

We’ve been planning our next adventure, and it’s got us thinking about the best ways to travel in developing nations. So here are our top three tips for travelling off the beaten track, to help enhance the adventure.

  1. Connect with the locals

Go where the locals go. Explore the market in the heart of town, take the local bus that’s really just an overcrowded mini van, and eat where the locals eat. You’ll meet people that know the history of the country and the special places to see that only they know about. It’s the key to an authentic travel experience and one that will blow your min, and leave you with travels stories for years to come.

  1. Embrace the culture

Eat, dance, sing…embrace. Try the local speciality food – whether it’s cooked grasshoppers or plantain bananas, don't pass up the chance to broaden your horizons. Also take the time to go to a traditional show, be it dance or song. The locals value you taking the time to be involved in their traditional practises and will teach and guide you through experiences you never have imaged possible.

  1. Learn some key prhases

Knowing a few simple words in the local language is a big win. Start with the basics, ‘hello’ ‘goodbye’ and ‘thank you’ before branching out to some more practical phrases such as ‘How can I get to….?’, ‘Is it left or right’, ‘I am from’, ‘How much?’, ‘Yes and no’. You will be surprised what wonderful conversations you can have, with just a little effort.


Holidays off the beaten track really are the best! You try new things, meet wonderful people, learn from new experiences and explore places not everybody knows about. So start planning your next adventure. We certainly are and can't wait to spread our Zurii wings event further.


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