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How to find the perfect handbag

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There is an art to finding the perfect handbag. We’ve all spent months searching for that flawless bag. The right size, shape, colour, texture and number of pockets…there are just so many options!

So what’s the trick? What makes a perfect bag? We’ve devoted hours to researching this important topic (tough gig, we know!) and have come up with some top tips that will help you refine your search. 

Step 1 - Purpose
Decide on the purpose of your bag before you start shopping. Once you are clear on this, the rest will follow. Is it for work, where a corporate style works best or are you looking for a bag to indulge in some weekend fun or the perfect everyday day?
Step 2 - Colour
The answer is in your wardrobe. What colours do you wear? If blacks and neutrals are your colour scheme, choose a bright bag to add a burst of colour and give your outfit depth and difference.
If it’s bright bold colours that tickle your fashion taste, choose a bag in neutral tones – black, tan or beige – to compliment your wardrobe. You don’t want to detract from all that outfit excitement!
Step 3 - Love
Your bag encompasses everything you stand for – it’s a little piece of you! Sometimes you love a bag so much that you simply MUST have it. It really is love at first sight. Our advice – stop worrying – buy the bag. And flaunt it!


So what style suits you?

The Tote
Tote bags a perfect for everyday use. Big enough to carry your wallet, phone, water bottle and a scarf, but small enough to give that sheik, carefree look. 
The Oversized Tote
Perfect for those busy days when you are racing from place to place. Throw in a change of clothes for that after work drink or speedy gym change, pop in a towel for a quick beach break, or toss in the nappies for baby’s day out.  
The go to accessory for the corporate woman with edge. It has the space for your laptop, notebook, phone and wallet, while still classic and classy. It’s the perfect match for any office hours outfit.
Boho chic
A girl’s best friend, fitting all your daily necessities. It’s the perfect bag for a coffee at the morning markets or a night out with friends.


Imagine knowing your perfect handbag has also made a positive impact in the world.

All Zurii bags are hand crafted by talented artisans in Indonesia and made from 100% genuine quality leather. 10% of Zurii profits go to the Hunger Project, helping to educate women in developing countries.



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