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Winter is here my friends, and although this means amazing fashion and cooler weather, a drop in motivation is something that can hit us all at this time of year. Gloomy weather, shorter days and rain all week can take their toll on even the most upbeat #zuriiwoman. Enthusiasm switches off and we can find ourselves feeling flat and demotivated.
If you are feeling this way, here’s 5 tips to get you out of that winter slump and back to being your bad ass self!


  1. Stand back and look at your accomplishments
One the fastest ways to boost your self confidence and motivation is to take a quick look at everything you have achieved in the last year. Think about the wins – hitting a target at work, fitting into last season’s jeans, getting fit or cutting down from three chocolate bars a day to just two. Each one took hard work and dedication. Although you feel like you’ve lost your groove right now, don’t forget all the wins. In the end it’s always the little things that make the biggest impact.
  1. Make a ‘To Do’ list
When things are piling up, it can be hard to figure out what needs to be done and where to start. Make a ‘To Do’ list. Start with the simple stuff, what needs to be done, and move onto bigger tasks and goals. Plus, there’s nothing better than ticking off what you have achieved!
  1. Grab a wine or a coffee with some awesome, like-minded women
Nothing gets you back in your groove faster, than a good chat with women who get you. Join a women’s networking group, such as Liked Mined Bitches Drinking Wine (LMBDW) or Business Chicks, and be inspired by the amazing things women around you are achieving. Meet some new faces, grab a glass of wine, discuss the things going on in your life and that motivation will kick in, in no time!
  1. Take some time for yourself
Take time to re-center your goals and mindset. Do some yoga, meditate, get a massage or have a girl’s night out! Whatever makes you feel happy and content is the way to go! By simply allowing yourself some me-time, you will be ready to tackle those goals with motivation and positivity.
  1. Treat yourself!

Treating yourself is so important. It’s different to taking time out for yourself. It’s about giving yourself a little present. Maybe it’s a new handbag, a manicure and pedicure or a brand new outfit. Whatever the treat, you are telling yourself that you deserve it. You are worthy and you are amazing!

These five tips are easy to follow and will have you back to your fierce, bold, brave self in no time.

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