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Handbags and shoes…they are the two things most women lust after. I always joke that I love shopping for handbags, because you can never be too fat or too short for a handbag. They fit you just the way you are.

 So why is it so many of us feel guilty about investing in a beautiful, well made, high quality handbag? It’s because we often struggle to reward ourselves. We are happy to reward and buy things for the people we love, but self love is a whole other issue.

I believe every woman deserve a beautiful, well made handbag, and here are the four reasons why:


1.    Your current one should be retired!
It’s old, it’s tatty, there are stains and pen marks on the outside, or parts of it are starting to peel and break apart. Sound familiar? Your handbag makes a statement about who you are. What is your bag saying to the world about you? If you don't love the answer, it's time for an upgrade.

2.    It’s one of the accessories you use the most
Splash out on a good quality, handmade bag and it will last you. Think about the fact you use your handbag almost, if not, everyday. When you divide the purchase price by the number of days you will use it over a year…you will be stunned. Treating yourself with a good quality handbag is actually a bargain when you look at cost per wear!

3.    It’s an easy way to revamp your wardrobe
Feeling bored with your wardrobe but don’t have the spare cash to seriously update it? Adding a new handbag can instantly revamp your look. The trick is to go for a neutral colour and multi-purpose function. This means the bag can go from day (office) to night (dinner) and will add a new twist to outfits you already have.

4.    You actually deserve it!
When you look good you feel good. A recent study revealed that luxury  handbags improve your mood. But more important than that, you deserve it. You work hard, you run multiple people’s lives and you keep all the balls in the air.  Buy you rarely treat yourself because you feel guilty. Sound familiar? Well it’s time to pack the guilt up and reward yourself. You serve everyone better when you feel good about yourself.


The handbag you sling over your shoulder every day says a lot about you. What are you carrying today and what is it saying about you?

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