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Socially conscious gifting – Bypass the chocolates this Mother’s Day.

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Australian’s will spend over $1.4 billion on gifts this Mother’s Day. Imagine if just 10% of those purchases are made with socially conscious brands that empower women. That’s $140 million! So how do you choose a gift that looks good and gives back to other women?

The key is to buy from labels whose products are made ethically, made by women for women or who donate to women focused charities. They are easy to find if you know where to look!

Here is a list of socially conscious gift ideas for those of you doing the last minute shopping dash tomorrow.

  • Clothes: Buy from brands that have a socially conscious supply chain. This means they know where their cotton comes from and the people making their products receive fair wages and working conditions.
  • Jewellery: Choose a gorgeous piece made from sustainable materials such as recycled paper or wood, or products made by women for women. Check out our range here. Every purchase with Zurii provides income and opportunity to women in developing nations.
  • Homewares: Beautiful cushions, bowls and homewares made by women struggling with poverty across the globe will add a stylish and ethical touch to any home.
  • Charity gifts: Can’t find the perfect physical gift? Charities including Oxfam and Unicef have brilliant gift packages, which allowed your mum to see exactly what impact their gift is making. For example her gift can fund 10 mosquito nets for mums and to help prevent malaria infection or 100 HIV test fits, which will allow 100 expectant mums to be tested for HIV.

 Buying a socially conscious gift this Mother’s Day can make a difference in two ways. The mum in your life feels special and loved. She also feels great on the inside because her gift has helped empower and improve the life of another woman out there. What a great feeling.



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