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Make a Statement. Make an Impact - Remembering Rana Plaza

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Whilst thousands have just enjoyed and celebrated Australian Fashion Week with fabulous parties, champagne and catwalk delights, we stop today to remember the 1100 lives that were lost in the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh nearly two years ago. A disaster that changed the fashion industry forever. A human consciousness was born within the industry. We ask that today you consider where you next buy your jeans from, where you find your little ones clothes and that beautiful leather handbag that you just must have. Take a moment to research where it was made and by whom. Just by having this awareness you make a difference. One person can’t change the world but together we can! Think positive, think sustainable, think ethical. Today we share with you a gathering of images from Bangladesh, remembering the beautiful people and the community that were amongst the disaster. The children, the women and the men in all their happiness. 

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