August 21, 2017



Photo: @chloe_t

It’s easy to hibernate in winter, but it’s also the perfect time to pick up your favourite handbag and take off. If you’re dreaming of a getaway by the fire (with a bottle of wine), diving into a warm ocean or strolling down cobblestoned streets in European summer, then read on. 

Here are the three places we’d love to escape to right now…and the perfect travel bag we'd take with us.


1.    The Hunter Valley

 If you’re a winter lover, then the Hunter Valley is for you. Sip on that Shiraz, check out the Hunter Valley Gardens, or just spend some much needed time with the one you love. This is the ideal weekend getaway to experience the beauty of Australia in winter.

 The ‘Charlie’ bag is the perfect companion for this getaway. Fill it with your laptop, books and magazine, or just catch up on Netflix by the fire.


2.    The Whitsunday Islands

While it’s winter temperatures down south, the Whitsundays are perfect all year round (23 degrees is the average temp from July to Sep). Located in the beautiful Great Barrier Reef, there are 74 gorgeous islands dotted across this dreamy paradise. Our top picks include a visit to Whitehaven beach, checking out the famous heart shaped reef, scuba diving, snorkeling and simply just relaxing by the beach with a cocktail in hand!

A clutch is the essential accessory for the Whitsundays. Convenient yet chic – perfect for dinner at the marina or cocktails at sunset.


3.    Lisbon

European summer at its best. Relax and bask in the beauty that is Lisbon. Check out Feitoria – a beautiful and contemporary Michelin-starred restaurant overlooking the river front – or visit the Mercado da Ribeira markets full of fresh fruit and flowers. Also make sure you go to the Red Frog, a hidden gem full of a world of mixology and craft cocktails!

Bring the Avery bag as your travel buddy. Wear it cross-body when you’re in a crowd or you want your hands free. It’s big enough to fit your camera, phone, wallet (the essentials) yet the soft leather will fall gently around you, making it convenient and super light to carry!

What are you waiting for? If you’re looking for a winter getaway these are great choices!


August 16, 2017


UNFILTERED WITH ZURII WOMAN // Return of the Super Hero Cape

A few weeks ago I wrote about feeling strangled by my super hero cape. How it was time for me to say no to Wonder Woman.

Saying that out loud was so liberating. And it seems I’m not the only one. So many of you let me know you were also feeling the same.

With this in mind, I want to share my latest Wonder Woman moment. It's the exact opposite of my last experience and it reminded me that we actually have the power to control the cape. We can put it on and take it off whenever we want. The key is knowing when to wear it.

As many of you know, I recently flew to Spain to finalise our new collection.

This gorgeous Fiat 500, which you can see from the pic I am totally in love with, is the reason I needed to dust off my super hero cape. 

For the past hundred years or so, I’ve had a brilliant travel partner. My husband James. We’ve been to over 60 countries together and we have a good system that breaks down the jobs. James does all the driving and looks after the passports (because I put them down and forget where). I book everything and manage logistics. When I travel alone for work, I’m always in and out of Taxis so all I need to do is not lose my own passport!

But this trip was different. I had to drive for several hours on my own on the wrong side of the road. When I type that sentence out, it sounds so easy. What was I worried about?

I'll tell you what I was worried about. Going the wrong way around a roundabout. Turning onto the wrong side of the road and driving into oncoming traffic. Changing gears with my right hand not my left.

Add to this the fact that I get a little distracted when I drive. It’s a condition I inherited from my Dad. I can't control it. Think carpool karaoke where I’m more focused on the song than the road, or thinking about all the emails I need to reply to, then suddenly realising 5km have passed and I can't remember them.

Needless to say there was some cause for concern.

But this is where the cape came in. I knew deep down, I could do this with my eyes shut. I am a capable woman, who is a good driver when she concentrates. I was nervous, but I knew I was capable. 

So I arrived in Spain, pulled a Wonder Woman pose (thanks Amy Cuddy), put my cape on…and cautiously drove away in my sexy little Fiat.

The result…#nailedit

No accidents. No dramas and only one comedy moment – a loud bang when I accidently bumped a gutter. It seems I was taking James’ advice of “just keep the passengers side to the gutter” a bit too literally. There were even a few sessions of carpool karaoke without incident.

So ladies, don't be afraid to back yourself and pull your super hero cape on when you need it. The trick is knowing when to use it so it empowers, rather than strangles you. #wonderwomanout


August 16, 2017




 We’ve reached that point of the season where it's too warm for a heavy winter jacket, but too early to bring out the full summer wardrobe. The transition from winter to spring is an interesting time for fashion. Choosing the ideal outfit can be a challenge, but don’t stress. We've got you covered with four easy transitional pieces…and the perfect bag to pair them with.


1.    Wrap dress

Wrap dresses are a #zuriiwoman’s best friend. These babies will flatter any body type and accentuate your curves. We love the gorgeous peach sued silk dress from Zimmerman! The style itself is easy to transition from the winter to spring. On cooler days, pair it with a denim jacket and black boots. During those beautiful warmer days, throw on some gorgeous sandals and you’re good to go! It’s an effortless chic look. Plus, can we just take a moment to appreciate that colour!

The ‘Kate’ bag is the perfect match for this dreamy dress. She adds a touch of style and sophistication to the outfit with her croc print detail on the front of the bag.

Wrap dress & Kate Handbag


2.    Skirt

You can’t go wrong with a simple black skirt. It brings out the minimalist in all of us. The big win with this classic style is it goes with EVERYTHING, from a gorgeous blouse to your favourite knit. And we just love that side split and lace detail! Just wait a moment while I add this to my cart…

Pair with the Sybella wallet to compliment the edginess of the skirt. Perfect fit for your phone and a great way to take your look from day to night!  

Skirt & Sybella Wallet


3.    Statement handbag

A statement handbag is an all round winner. We love red for a pop of colour and a good way to transition your outfits between seasons. Red is on-trend right now will liven up your darker toned outfits to create the ultimate spring look. The size of the ‘Freya bag’ is also perfect for all day, everyday use. Treat yourself! You know you want to…

Freya Handbag


4.    Cropped white denim jacket 

Denim jackets are always a good wardrobe staple. This shorter length is perfect to transition into spring and white will always brighten up your look. Paired with the wrap dress mentioned above and you’ll be turning heads.

The ‘Zola’ wallet in black is the perfect accessory to top this look off, creating a romantic and sexy outfit combo.

Jacket & Zola Wallet

These beautiful pieces are the perfect way to transition your wardrobe into spring. Get shopping ladies!

July 31, 2017


UNFILTERED with ZURII WOMAN // But...that's not on my vision board


Don’t you just hate those moments…you know…the ones that are not on your vision board! The ones that don't fit into the plan you’ve carefully crafted and mapped out. The ones you DID NOT manifest.

I had one of those moments a week ago. It was a stark realisation that if I didn't jump on a plane in the next 24 hours, we would not be launching a new collection this year. Cue some swearing, and high-level annoyance at my vision board for not delivering.
You see…I was sure I'd covered all of the bases. I'd worked my butt off and planned everything to ensure this collection would arrive on time in all of its beautiful glory. But it seems the universe had other plans.
So here I am writing this blog from Spain as I supervise the final touches on every piece.
And guess what…while it wasn’t in my plan (or my budget!!)…this is exactly where I needed to be. I just didn't know it.
The reason I’m sharing this peek behind the curtain is two fold. First, I always want Zurii to stand for honesty. For this to be a place where women can not only find beautiful things, but feel safe being themselves. It’s about being part of a tribe filled with women who are real and honest about their hopes, dreams and fears, starting with me.
Secondly, this experience has been a brilliant reminder that sometimes in life, we’ve just got to roll with the punches and appreciate that what feels like a punch in the face may actually be a little gift wrapped up in some ugly paper. As a control freak, I struggled to see this as I forked the cash for that last minute, overpriced flight!
Now I’m here, I can’t image how things would have turned out had I not jumped on that plane. From changing the lining inside the our hero piece – the overnight/weekender bag – because I just didn't love it, to tweaking the size of the logo on the clutch. Then there is the new piece I’ve added to the collection after seeing how gorgeous, soft and chic our everyday handbag looks. We’ll soon have a tribute to it in a much larger size, perfect for carrying your laptop and the kitchen sink on the plane.
So as I sign off from Spain, remember this next time you get punched in the face..
Turning your dreams into reality takes bloody hard work and a willingness to adapt when the game changes. If it was a simple as placing an image or a quote on a vision board, we’d all be sipping cocktails on the French Riviera, right! Be prepared to do whatever it takes.


Here I am (on the last trip in winter) testing some of the beautiful leather you will see in the new collection.

July 31, 2017



The struggle is real! Finding a bag that can move easily from day to night is tough.
There are definitely not enough hours in a day to switch between bags according to your schedule – work, social events, running errands or catching up with girls. You also need the right look for each occasion. After all, you can’t rock up at work holding a glam purse in preparation for Friday night drinks, while balancing your laptop and coffee in your free hand. You need one bag that can do it all.
According to Forbes, women between 18-25 will own an average of 13 handbags*. Add a few years on... and raise your hand if you’re now guilty of exceeding the average!
Despite our abundance of choice, many of us still revert to using one (favourite) bag for all occasions. It’s about convenience. But carrying the wrong bag in the wrong setting can throw off your entire look. The key is to choose a piece that works in multiple setting and compliments the bulk of your wardrobe.
To help you make the perfect choice, here are four pieces that can move seamlessly from day to night – and a little wardrobe inspiration to show you how.
The Susie

This piece is the ultimate go-to bag for those who love dedicated space to store things. Designed with a thick strap for comfort and internal and external pockets, this bag wins the award for functionality and gorgeous details. Pair it with linen for a stylish outfit during the day. Amp up the look at night by adding a sexy pair of heels. ‘Susie’ moves effortlessly from day to night with you.
The Kate

The Kate bag is a favourite for the lover of sophisticated carry-wear. The gorgeous croc print panelling on the front gives this piece a luxe look and feel. By day it says effortlessly chic. By night it’s simply stunning. Add a statement pair of earrings and some heels to move from day to night and let this bag do the rest.

The Sybella

This oversized wallet is designed for the day to night switch. Leave in it in your handbag during the day, then take it out alone at night where it doubles as a wallet and clutch in one. The generous sizing ensures all of your essentials are on hand when you need them – cards, coins, cash and phone. The minimalist design and external zipper detail give a stylish and edgy feel. The Sybella will bring your outfit from day to night without clutter.

The Zarlie

The Zarlie Clutch is the ultimate day to night piece for your weekend. It’s the perfect size with a classy, chic appearance. It’s also quite the transformer. Clip on the shoulder strap to turn the clutch into a bag, or attach the wristlet to create a ‘hands-free’ carrying option. Great for the farmers market, lunch with the girls or a little shopping. Heading out at night? No problem. Zarlie will bring an elegant touch to any evening outfit.  
The struggle to find the perfect bag for day and night is over. Shop the collection now and treat yourself to a bag that works for all occasions.


July 19, 2017


UNFILTERED with ZURII WOMAN // Tell Me What You Want...What You Really Really Want

I love airports. They always make me feel like I’m starting an adventure. As I sit and wait for my flight to be called, I imagine all the places I could be going. New York, Borneo or a tropical island in the Caribbean.
Reality check…it's rarely anywhere as exciting as this…but I still love the game of pretend.
The other thing I love about airports is you often end up with snippets of spare time to think, and procrastinate.
Today as I write this blog, this is exactly where I find myself. Sitting in the departures lounge staring our across the tarmac as I wait for my fog delayed flight to be called.
After day dreaming myself to a European summer holiday (much more exciting than my real 48 hr business trip to Sydney), I checked the news. Confession time…my name is Patrice and I am a news addict.
The addiction stems from my early years as a journalist watching the AAP news feed constantly run down the right hand side of my computer screen. It created a love for news I will never lose. Today about an hour is the longest I can last without checking a news website. Tragic, I know!
The problem with this addiction is it rarely gives me satisfaction these days. Every news site is filled with rubbish. This mornings highlights includ an AFL sex scandal, which isn't really a scandal at all. It’s basically a story about an organisation acting like the moral police in the name of ‘protecting women’. I’d argue all they did was create national level embarrassment for the poor wives of the men involved.
Then there is the story of the disgruntled PA from Channel 7 and their successful bid to essentially bankrupt her. Follow this up with a ‘quality’ story about Kim Kardashian (and we all know how much I love her!) proving that it was in fact a marble bench top behind her in a selfie, and not lines of cocaine.
SHOT ME NOW! Who cares…no #zuriiwoman that’s for sure.
This little airport induced dance with today’s poor quality news has made me even more determined to give us all an alternative through Zurii Woman.
I created this digital magazine a few months ago so women like you and I can feed/relax our brains with interesting, valuable, empowering stories, instead of c**p.
So today I’m asking YOU for your feedback. Tell me what you want. What you really, really want (go on…read that line again and sing it this time).
What type of articles do you want to read? Which topics inspire you? Are there any amazing women you want to read a profile on?
Tell me what you want (what you really, really want) and I will fill Zurii Woman with it.
It’s a magazine for women like you and I, so have your say in shaping Issue 2 and beyond. Help me create the magazine we all want to read.
Share your thoughts in the comments below, or email me directly on
I’m really excited to hear your wish list.

July 18, 2017




Shop slow…I’m sure you’ve heard of the term. But what does it really mean. Shopping slow is about choosing well made, ethically produced, quality pieces, over fast disposable fashion. It’s about investment pieces, whose creation doesn’t create a negative impact on those creating them.
We love the concept of slow fashion here at Zurii. And, we know from your feedback so many of you do to. But we get it, it can be tough to know how your pieces in your wardrobe (or those pieces you are lusting after) are made, and if they belong in the slow or fast fashion camp.
There is no easy answer. Annoying…but true. Shopping slow requires a bit of research and some questions on your part. When assessing a piece or a brand, it’s important to consider the following points all together. This helps create complete picture of your fashion piece. No one element only will provide the answer. Slow fashion is about every aspect of the brand, the products and the people creating them.
Here are our 4 top tips for shopping slow….

  1. Check The Label

In most cases, the label will state where each piece is made. If the label shows countries such as China, Bangladesh or India, there is a high chance the piece has been made under poor condition. By poor conditions we mean where the minimum wage for garment workers is not being met and the materials used are of a low standard. These countries are the home of fast fashion production due to their low labour costs. It’s important to note that this isn’t always the case. But, it is the first red flag. It is possible to produce ethically out of these areas, and if a company is doing so, they will shout about it. Do your research. Check the labels and the company website to see what they say about their production processes. 

  1. Pricing

 If it’s super cheap, it’s probably too good to be true! Not only that, if the cost of a piece is low, think about how much the person making it must have been paid. A $20 shirt, minus marketing, logistics, postage, production and raw material costs does not leave much left for garment worker wages. The materials used will also impact the price. Poor quality materials probably won’t even last a season! We love the saying, “fast fashion isn't free. Someone, somewhere is paying the price”. As consumers we need to ask who that is, if it’s not us (hint, it's never the big brands carrying the cost). 

  1. What does the brand say?

 Again, do your research ladies. Go on the website of the brands you love and see what they have to say. Are they actively helping the environment to offset their footprints, what is their stance on fast or slow fashion, do they have a fair wages policy linked to how their production workers are paid. A brand’s stance is an important component. If they are working towards a better future, they will be happily sharing their story. Hint…no mention of it usually means the opposite.

Check out these amazing brands…
 We have hand picked our favourite ethical brands to get you started on your journey into slow fashion! Check out these beauties. Here’s why we love them…
People Tree

Beautifully made clothes by artisans and fair trade producers. Sounds like a match made in heaven doesn’t it! Beautiful fabrics and gorgeous designs, what more could a girl want?
For over 25 years, People Tree has partnered with Fair Trade producers, garment workers, artisans and farmers in the developing world to produce ethical and eco fashion collection.”


A little bit of shameless self promotion never hurt anyone. We are proud to be a luxury handbag brand making a difference. We care about slow fashion and believe women deserve beautiful things that make them feel good on the outside, and the inside. We care about slow and ethical fashion. Each Zurii product helps empower another woman through our Fashion For Good initiative, in alliance with The Hunger Project.

This year we are committed to supporting 50 women across Africa, enabling them to access microfinance loans and financial literacy training. They can then start their own business business, pay for their children’s education, earn an income for their family and become financially independent.”  


Flora and Fauna

This completely recyclable makeup and beauty brand is focused on being planet friendly in every aspect. Need to update that makeup collection of yours? Start here!
“100% vegan, cruelty free and no nasties”


You can not go past Zefyr jewelry with it’s handmade pieces crafted with recycled products. The beautiful ideas formed into designs are so unique and interesting you’ll be in awe of these must have pieces.
Brass is one of the most recyclable metals available, and it is upcycled in every Zefyr piece.”

Thread Harvest

An ethical clothing brand that caters to women, men and children, aiming to create change though their clothes. Think swimwear, tropical patterns and durable basics for everyone. It’s your one stop shop for sustainable fashion for the entire family.
“The fashion industry doesn’t have to be the second most polluting industry in the world. It doesn’t have to exploit workers in factories, it doesn’t have to destroy the environment. The fashion industry can be the empowering industry it’s meant to be if we, as the consumers, choose to sow our money better.”

Now you’ve got a have a better understanding of the slow fashion movement, it’s time to begin making a shift. Start off by following the tips above and pay more attention to your choices. We guarantee you will fall in love with slow fashion, just like we have!

July 13, 2017



Choice…it’s a beautiful thing. And we have so much of it.
On any one day we each face, and make, hundreds of choices. Some small – what to have for lunch, flats or heels, hair up or down. Some big – should I quit my job and follow my dream (yes!!), can I convince my husband to move to New York (…or is that one just me)?
Anyway, my point is we don't often stop and think about the enormous impact the choices we make can have. Even the small ones.
This week has been filled with more choices than normal for me, forcing me to stop and take notice. Our little label is undergoing some major changes. They are incredibly exciting, but their magnitude is forcing big decisions.
If I’m honest, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by choice. Choices at every turn that come with their own risks, opportunities and unknowns. Argh! Anyone else know that feeling?
So what do you do? How do you evaluate your choices?
For me it’s been having one of my favourite quotes from Anna Lappe ringing in my ears as I make each decision. The quote: “Every time you spend money, you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want.”
Now, I’m the first to admit I love a good quote. But there is something extra special about this one. It brings you back to earth. Unlike the other favourites, it’s not about dreaming big, being brave or being a kick a**e woman. It’s about the here and now. The real impact each choice you make has today.
If you applied the logic behind this quote to every decision you made today, would your choices change?
It's a good question…and an interesting exercise.
As busy women we’re prone to making quick decisions that suit our short term needs/desires (hungry = I’ll grab a chocolate). But often they don't align with what we really want, deep down, for our lives (feeling fit and healthy for example).
This week choices have reminded me about the kind of world I want to live in. It’s a world where beautiful things exist to make a positive impact.
What kind of world do you want to live in? And…how are your choices supporting this?






July 12, 2017



 When it comes to winter fashion, you can’t go past a stunning pair of boots. Their effortlessly chic style can take your outfit to the next level.
And the good news…there are still some ‘end of season’ sales on. We’ve scoured through our favourite brands and have found the most gorgeous boots (at the most gorgeous prices). With so many stunning styles to choose from it can be a bit confusing to pick the best style for your needs. If you’re not sure what type is best for you and how to style them within your wardrobe, then read on…

These babies will be your bestie this winter. Wear these classic boots with dresses, jeans, jumpsuits, the list goes on! Dress them up or down depending on the occasion. Lunch with the girls, Saturday markets, coffee date, anytime anywhere ?
Comfort is also the key here. With the low heel and stretch elastic detailing, your feet will be feeling happy all day long. Pair these boots with, a satchel style bag, like the Charlie bag, to keep everything you need to carry safe and sound.
Windsor Smith – Fent Black Boot $125.96 (SALE)


These superb boots are without a doubt a winter essential. The beautiful tan creates a more casual look. Style with a flowy dress, denim jacket, and the cobalt blue Cara handbag (LINK) to create the ultimate weekend that will have you turning heads!
Windsor Smith – Guild Tan Boot – $125.96 (SALE)


Nothing is sexier than a pair of black over the knee boots. Sure to make a statement, these boots are a match made in heaven with a cute dress and leather jacket. Add the Zarlie Clutch in red for a pop of colour to complete your outfit. Whether it’s a night out will the girls or date night, you can not go wrong with these statement shoes. (Plus, they will keep you warm!).
Leona By Leona Edmiston – Robi Kid Suede Boot – $199.95 (SALE) 


These boots are a take on the classic, with the added heel giving a more professional and office appropriate look. The classic black colour and pointed toe means your work wardrobe will blend seamlessly with these shoes. Add the Kate handbag for a touch of style. Fashion and function at its finest.
Basque – Cameo Leather Boot – $119.95 (SALE)
What are you waiting for ladies? Get shopping! 

 Click here to find the perfect handbag to go with your winter boots.

July 05, 2017


UNFILTERED with ZURII WOMAN | No More Wonder Woman


I’m hanging up my super hero cape. It kills me to say it – because I LOVE thinking I’ve got a little Wonder Woman going on – but I realised yesterday the cape is strangling me.
In my mind I am a busy action hero. But in reality I am too busy trying to do everything and be everyone to be efficient. I’m just spinning my wheels and creating chaos.
Honest question…does anyone else wear being busy as a secret badge of honour? I hear you. It makes us feel important, successful and valuable…right?
But I realised – yesterday after three failed attempts to get out of the house on time – that I’m operating in a state much closer to car crash TV than a scene from the new Wonder Woman movie.
As strong, successful women, why do we do this?
I’m so busy being busy that I’ve forgotten to be efficient and effective.
Hilarious case in point. If you’re up for a laugh, take a look at how my morning panned out. Is this the routine of a kick a**se woman I ask you?

  • Plan set the night before to leave the house at 8am for 9am conference start. Good plan.
  • Sleep through my alarm. Wake up at 7.45am. Shit!
  • Managed to get dressed, ready and out the door by 8.33am. Not bad I think….until I realise I've left my make up inside (doing it in the car at the traffic lights will shave 5-10 minutes off the morning timeframe)
  • Run back inside to get make up.
  • Get back in the car and drive 5 minutes up the road. Shit again! I’ve left my jacket at home. Conference room will be cold. Back home I go.
  • Run inside to get jacaket. Run back to car.
  • Start the car. Attempt to make a phone call. Shit again! No phone. It must be on the bed.
  • Run back inside to get my phone. Collect phone and finally start driving.
  • Get green lights most of the way and pray for red so I can apply eye liner and mascara while stationary.

Seriously…this is not ok. If this sounds anything like your morning, we need to make a pact together. Let’s take off our capes and slow down.
A good friend once said that when a trait in someone else is really annoying you, it’s because it’s a mirror. It’s saying something about you, not them.
Recently I’ve been frustrated dealing with someone who is coming across as ‘too busy’. She sounds stressed when I speak to her, she has confessed to being flat out and from a work perspective I feel like my project is not a priority.
Yesterday’s debacle made me realise I am exactly the same. I was feeling frustrated with her because in the mirror I was seeing myself.
So that’s it, the cape is off. It know it’s easier said than done so I’ve set some rules that will hopefully make the transition easier. They include replying to text messages and emails within 24 hours (as opposed to replying in my head, rarely remembering to type the reply out, then bineg racked with guilt when I realise a week or two later) and making a list of priorities each day and working though them systematically. No more scatter gun.
If you are also feeling too busy to be effective, join me. Let’s make a conscious effort for the next week to slow down and see what we can achieve.


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