June 22, 2017


UNFILTERED with ZURII WOMAN // The 3 B's: Birthdays, Boobs & Breast Cancer


Tomorrow I will be partying like it’s 1999. The occasion – I’m throwing a joint 40th Birthday Party with my husband. 

Two years ago that number terrified me. The thought of turning 40 made me feel one thing. OLD. And I hated it. It felt like middle age. Like all the best bits of my life were in the past. I was dreading it. 

And then…my little sister got breast cancer. Reality check!

Watching her fight through the fear, the chemo sickness and the terror quickly made me realise birthdays are a privilege. They mean we are alive. They mean we get to enjoy good wine, kiss the people we love, travel to the places we haven't been yet and keep chasing our dreams. Now I relish the new number each birthday brings. 

Each year around my birthday I now have an annual breast check up. Mammogram, ultrasound, the whole shebang.

The reason I’m sharing this part of my personal life today (and the dead sexy picture of me in gown in a hospital bathroom) is to encourage you to do the same. My sister is thriving today because she self checked. She caught her cancer early and got straight onto it. I know it can be inconvenient and a bloody scary (come on, we all have the same fear, that we’ll actually find something) But SELF CHECKING can save your life.

Just do it! 

If someone had asked me two years ago what I wanted for my 40th birthday, I would have answered straight away. “My sister well, back to her normal. hilarious self, dancing with me all night.” A genie has granted my wish and I feel like the luckiest birthday girl around. 

Have a great weekend ladies (and check your boobs tonight!) 

xx Patrice


June 19, 2017




Winter just got real! Is it just me or did temperatures drop what felt like overnight? 

Pack away those sundresses and espadrilles because warm summer days are well and truly over ladies. Say hello to dewy mornings and even colder nights. As much as I would l like to pass the colder months curled up in front of a fire with a cup of tea and a good book, I am going to leave the house at some stage. Forget track pants and hoodies and fill your wardrobe with staples that will stand the test of temperature and time. 

We have 5 essentials that will do just that! Keep you warm, while still looking fierce.

1. Coat
Black is every girl’s best friend (especially in winter). But many of us fall into that all-black boring trap when we go to style our black tunic with our black leggings and black boots. It may be cold and dark outside but your wardrobe doesn’t have to be.Introduce a pop of colour with this poppy red beauty from Witchery, which will have everyone thinking you have just flown in from France. #ladyinred #eurochic Red Witchery Coat 
2. Ankle Boots
Ankle boots can be worn with everything. And we mean everything. Style them with work dresses or skirts paired with opaque stockings, or wear with jeans to instantly dress up a casual look. Did we mention the block heel means they provide height that’s actually comfortable to wear for long periods of time (unlike your favourite heels…). We are loving these vintage suede ankle boots. Serious shoe envy.
3. Knit
Sometimes all you feel like wearing is something big and comfortable. Something that cuddles you in its softness and lets you feel as if you were lounging around at home. Cashmere or wool, cable knit or fine knit – no matter the type having a cosy winter knit will be a lifesaver. We are crushing over this asymmetrical shoulder knit from Witchery. Pair with a leather skirt to take you in the night with ease. Grey Witchery Knit.
4. Scarf
Scarves are must have for all winter wardrobes. Not only are they going to be your BFF on a chilly day, they allow you to make your own style statement. The Tribal scarf is one of our favourites for a fresh day at the office without feeling weighed down. The classic monochrome print look will pair perfectly with those soft neutral winter tones of camel and grey. Zurii Tribal Scarf.
5. Handbag 

In a season when your coat covers up most of your outfit, the perfect handbag can make all the difference. With its gorgeously soft black leather, combined with structure and detail the Georgia in Black is the perfect winter companion. Complimenting your outfit effortlessly with it’s classic shape and clean lines it transitions easily from the office to a warm glass of red after work. Zurii Georgia Handbag. 

With these 5 pieces you are ready to take on the winter chill and look good doing it.  

June 13, 2017



Winter is here my friends, and although this means amazing fashion and cooler weather, a drop in motivation is something that can hit us all at this time of year. Gloomy weather, shorter days and rain all week can take their toll on even the most upbeat #zuriiwoman. Enthusiasm switches off and we can find ourselves feeling flat and demotivated.
If you are feeling this way, here’s 5 tips to get you out of that winter slump and back to being your bad ass self!


  1. Stand back and look at your accomplishments
One the fastest ways to boost your self confidence and motivation is to take a quick look at everything you have achieved in the last year. Think about the wins – hitting a target at work, fitting into last season’s jeans, getting fit or cutting down from three chocolate bars a day to just two. Each one took hard work and dedication. Although you feel like you’ve lost your groove right now, don’t forget all the wins. In the end it’s always the little things that make the biggest impact.
  1. Make a ‘To Do’ list
When things are piling up, it can be hard to figure out what needs to be done and where to start. Make a ‘To Do’ list. Start with the simple stuff, what needs to be done, and move onto bigger tasks and goals. Plus, there’s nothing better than ticking off what you have achieved!
  1. Grab a wine or a coffee with some awesome, like-minded women
Nothing gets you back in your groove faster, than a good chat with women who get you. Join a women’s networking group, such as Liked Mined Bitches Drinking Wine (LMBDW) or Business Chicks, and be inspired by the amazing things women around you are achieving. Meet some new faces, grab a glass of wine, discuss the things going on in your life and that motivation will kick in, in no time!
  1. Take some time for yourself
Take time to re-center your goals and mindset. Do some yoga, meditate, get a massage or have a girl’s night out! Whatever makes you feel happy and content is the way to go! By simply allowing yourself some me-time, you will be ready to tackle those goals with motivation and positivity.
  1. Treat yourself!

Treating yourself is so important. It’s different to taking time out for yourself. It’s about giving yourself a little present. Maybe it’s a new handbag, a manicure and pedicure or a brand new outfit. Whatever the treat, you are telling yourself that you deserve it. You are worthy and you are amazing!

These five tips are easy to follow and will have you back to your fierce, bold, brave self in no time.

Need a little help treating yourself? We've got you covered.


June 05, 2017



Your accessories and clothes tell a story. How are you making sure yours is a positive one?
I don’t know about you, but I am ready to ditch the fast fashion trend and everything it stands for (think H&M, Zara etc). What appears to be a serious bargain at first glance, actually represents something a lot less appealing.
Fast fashion is a win for your wallet. But take a look at the price tag. The more I learn the more I realise that if it feels like a bargain, someone else further down the supply chain is paying the price. Fast fashion forces garment workers – mostly women – to accept really poor working conditions and well below minimum wages.
I’ve decided it's time for me to start shopping with a different outlook. Social conscious first. For me, fashion is now about taking responsibility for my purchases and making sure the brands I purchase from are treating those who make their products, as human beings.
If you’re passionate about this issue too, here are three tips to help you adopt a more sustainable approach to style and fashion.  



How many times have you looked in your closet and thought I have nothing to wear? Rather than buying new, you will be surprised what can be revived in your current wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to reuse old pieces in a new way with accessories or repurpose it into something totally new altogether! We could not agree more with Vivienne Westwood when she said “buy less, chose well, make it last”.


Save up and buy an investment piece that you will truly love. Wouldn’t you rather have one amazing piece that will last for years instead of 10 cheap pieces that won’t make it through three laundry cycles? 

By taking time to really think about your purchase from a place of consciousness rather than impulse will have you feeling good and looking good while reducing your fashion footprint. Quality over quantity.


Read your labels, and put anything that is made in Bangladesh, Vietnam, China or Turkey back on the rack, and get straight out of there! These countries house the factories that are the home of fast fashion. Learning exactly where your product has come from and how it has been made gives you power. Send a message by NOT supporting a brand that is neither sustainable, transparent or ethical.

As the saying goes, “Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want to live in”. Make it count.
May 29, 2017





We all love our beautiful leather handbags and wallets – the smell, the feel, and of course, the look. There’s a great satisfaction that comes with stepping out for the day, with unmistakeable confidence, because you have your gorgeous luxe piece by your side.

So, if we value our leather so much… why do we rarely protect it properly?

Mostly it’s because we are lazy…or busy (same result). While the intention to waterproof the handbags and wallets we love is there, actually doing it gets lost somewhere between keeping all the balls in the air and enjoying a glass of wine.

The good news is…it actually takes less than 30 second to do. You can even do it while you drink the wine (carefully!)

Just follow these 4 easy steps:

  1. Waterproof your piece: We recommend our organic product Leather Lover, as it’s a 3 in 1. It protects, condition and waterproofs, and is non-greasy so dries in 5 second. You can also use it on all the leather in your life. Think lounge, shoes etc.
  2. Wipe with a damp cloth to clean. This will keep your luxe piece looking brand new for longer.
  3. Store in a cool dry place. Ideally, keep it in a duster bag and out of direct sunlight to maintain the colour.
  4. Dry slowly if leather gets wet. No speed drying or heat. Although it may be tempting to whip out the hairdryer if your precious baby gets wet – resist! Intense and prolonged heat will actually shrink the leather. Instead, leave the bag in a shaded place and then reward yourself for the self-control and calm attitude you showed in the face of adversity (a glass of wine should suffice!).

Although these steps are practically foolproof, if you’re a perfectionist, here are 3 extra tips to keep your leather pieces looking luxe.

Tip 1: Keep away from pens, rough surfaces and direct sunlight
Tip 2: Don’t use soaps, cleaners, baby wipes or Lanolin products to clean

Tip 3: Keep your bag stuffed while you’re not using it to help keep the shape

By applying these leather care steps and tips, your handbag will age beautifully.

May 22, 2017



 Sybella Tan Leather Wallet


To have and to hold… until your zip breaks or you no longer fit all of my cards!

Wallets are like men, they come in all shapes and sizes. Finding the right one that’s the perfect match for you can be a real challenge. If we had a dollar for every time we’ve heard a women say, “I know exactly what I want, I just can't find it”, we’d be sitting on a beach in Barbados sipping cocktails.

Whether you prefer a large wallet with lots of card space or a simple coin purse to suit your on-the-go lifestyle, there is a perfect wallet for every woman. The trick is knowing how to find it.

Here are our 4 top tips to help you choose the right wallet for you:

 1. Purpose

The most important of the four criteria. Think about where you want your wallet to go, and what you most want to use if for. This will help determine the size and type that suits you best. For example: do you want a versatile wallet that can double as a clutch, moving seamlessly with you from work, to dinner and a night out? In this case, size and compartments are important.

2. Functionality

Think about ease of use and the type of layout you like. Good questions to ask yourself include: Do I prefer a coin section on the outside, a zip-around wallet or tri-fold design? Do I want my phone to fit inside (security) or outside (ease of access)? Does it slide easily into my handbag?

3. Size
What essentials do you need to fit in your wallet? If you like to travel light, try a slim style that won’t weigh you down but has ample room to fit all your plastic. For those with the travel bug, a larger wallet with multiple compartments can be the ideal travel companion. Having one place to keep your passport, boarding passes, cards and currency secure makes for a stress-free trip away.
4. Colour

Neutral versus statement colour. Oh…what to choose! The purpose of your wallet will help answer this question, as will your wardrobe. If your wardrobe is filled with blacks and neutrals, introduce a pop of colour via your wallet. There is also the added benefit of a bring wallet being easy to find inside your handbag. Neutral tones beautifully complements a colourful wardrobe. Neutrals go well with almost every outfit your own. Plus, black always equals classic. 

Focus on these 4 tips and you will find your perfect match in a wallet.


Need some inspiration?



4 Ways To Choose The Perfect Wallet


May 14, 2017




Handbags and shoes…they are the two things most women lust after. I always joke that I love shopping for handbags, because you can never be to too fat or too short for a handbag. They fit you just the way you are.

 So why is it so many of us feel guilty about investing in a beautiful, well made, high quality handbag? It’s because we often struggle to reward ourselves. We are happy to reward and buy things for the people we love, but self love is a whole other issue.

I believe every woman deserve a beautiful, well made handbag, and here are the four reasons why:


1.    Your current one should be retired!
It’s old, it’s tatty, there are stains and pen marks on the outside, or parts of it are starting to peel and break apart. Sound familiar? Your handbag makes a statement about who you are. What is your bag saying to the world about you? If you don't love the answer, it's time for an upgrade.

2.    It’s one of the accessories you use the most
Splash out on a good quality, handmade bag and it will last you. Think about the fact you use your handbag almost, if not, everyday. When you divide the purchase price by the number of days you will use it over a year…you will be stunned. Treating yourself with a good quality handbag is actually a bargain when you look at cost per wear!

3.    It’s an easy way to revamp your wardrobe
Feeling bored with your wardrobe but don’t have the spare cash to seriously update it? Adding a new handbag can instantly revamp your look. The trick is to go for a neutral colour and multi-purpose function. This means the bag can go from day (office) to night (dinner) and will add a new twist to outfits you already have.

4.    You actually deserve it!
When you look good you feel good. A recent study revealed that luxury  handbags improve your mood. But more important than that, you deserve it. You work hard, you run multiple people’s lives and you keep all the balls in the air.  Buy you rarely treat yourself because you feel guilty. Sound familiar? Well it’s time to pack the guilt up and reward yourself. You serve everyone better when you feel good about yourself.


The handbag you sling over your shoulder every day says a lot about you. What are you carrying today and what is it saying about you?

 Need some inspiration finding your perfect match? Shop our collection of beautiful handbags here.







May 08, 2017



Photo: One For The Book - How to Roast Marshmallows with Nanny (and not get smoke in your eyes).


My gorgeous mum Kathy has been on my mind constantly over the past week. I blame the barrage of Mother’s Day advertising at every turn.
But it’s a good thing. Every ad and card has got me thinking. What would I do without my mum?
A few years ago I was forced to contemplate this exact question when mum was diagnosed with bowel cancer. I still remember the exact moment she told me. All of the air disappeared from the room. The vast open space I was standing in became a vacuum and I couldn’t draw air into my lungs.
Mother’s Day now reminds me how lucky we are, because we got to keep her.
I remember being hit with a sense of urgency at one point when she was sick. This need to capture all of the wisdom in her brain, just incase we couldn't call her in two years time to ask simple things like, ”How do I get pen marks off my jeans (she is the queen of stain removal)?”
I’ve always wondered if there is a point or an age at which you know most things and stop ringing your mother for advice? Not having kids, I always assumed it was once you had kids. That somehow the process of childbirth bestowed new wisdom upon you.
Then my sister had a baby. I watch and waited…and realised no, childbirth. doesn't do it.
In that moment I vowed to write a book containing all of the gems my mum has taught by sister, brother and I over the years. A book we could use if ever we needed her advice and also pass it down to my niece and nephews.
I started the book… then mum got better (hooray!!!)…and life got busy and the book stopped.
But Mother’s Day has got me thinking again. I need to write that book. Only this time I don't want it to just contain my story. I want to create a book that features the gems of wisdom so many of our mum’s have given us.
So here’s your chance. If your mum has given you a great piece of advice, passed a gem of knowledge on that makes life easier, or said something that has helped shape you, share it with me.
I'd love to hear your story and with your permission, possibly include it in the book.


April 27, 2017





We all love the pieces in our wardrobe, but rarely do we stop and ask, who made them? Do you know where your favourite pair of heels, that gorgeous new knit for winter or the handbag you use every day came from?
More importantly, did the people making them – usually young women – receive a fair wage and decent working conditions to do so?
It’s Fashion Revolution Week – which means you can’t escape the question #whomademyclothes this week. Instagram is flooded with the hashtag.
Fashion Revolution Week was launched following the Rana Plaze collapse in 2013, where a garment factory in Bangladesh collapsed killing over 1100 workers. The big issue with Rana Plaza is the level of exposition that was taking place, so consumers like us could have cheap, ‘fast fashion’.
Despite the building having visible cracks and workers expressing concerns it was unsafe, they were forced inside to complete orders for global fashion brands. There were being paid a maximum of 24 cents an hour to do so. That’s a wage of $12.48 per week. When it collapsed, there was no way out. They were trapped.
Now I’m sure you feel the same as me. I am horrified at the thought of another human dying so I can have a new shirt.
This is one of the reasons I started Zurii. I wanted to have beautiful pieces in my life, but I didn't want someone else suffering so I could have them. It was almost impossible to find out where leading brands were making their products and if they were paying their workers a living wage. I vowed to have a label based on transparency.
So today, I want to introduce you to some of the amazing people making your Zurii pieces.

These two women are entrepreneurial powerhouses who handcraft many of our jewellery pieces.  


This lovely couple work together to create some of our key leather goods pieces, including the Cara Boho bag below. 


When you choose a Zurii piece you can rest easy knowing it has been handcrafted with love, and the hands that made it were valued, well paid and working in a safe environment. Now that is good fashion!

You can find your favourite piece here.  SHOP THE COLLECTION 

April 12, 2017



If you love red, A/W 17 is your season! Gorgeous reds were all over the runways and are now headed for your autumn/winter wardrobe.
But don't panic if this bold colour isn’t your natural go to. There are some easy ways to integrate red into your wardrobe to create an on-trend look with minimal effort.
The key is using detail. Focus on adding colour through accessories. The benefit here is two-fold. Your existing wardrobe gets a re-vamp and your outfit look on-trend, without you needing to rock a full red trench coat or a pair of killer red heels.
Here are the top 3 accessories to add a pop of red into your life this season.



Zurii Red Jewellery

Style a red necklace against a neutral coloured top for maximum impact with minimal effort. Earrings are also the perfect way to add detail and colour. Go big and bold to make a statement or opt for small and understated for a minimalist look.


Throw a red belt on with a tailored black dress for a current look in the office, or add a scarf to a plain white shirt or knit for the perfect weekend look. 



Feeling bold? Rock a statement red leather handbag. You are sure to turn heads. A luxe red wallet is another great everyday option.

Be brave and have fun with red this autumn/winter. There are so many easy ways to  integrate it into your wardrobe.
If you need help finding accessories, check out our range of gorgeous red pieces here.


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